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SMEs – Are You Aiming to Thrive or Aiming to Survive! Key Challenges

22/11/2015 by Bruce Gleeson

As we approach the end of 2015 and SME owners hopefully take some time away from the day to day grind (yes please), attached below is an article that I wrote for the BiziNet Magazine November / December 2015 edition. SME owners should ask themselves as they reflect on the current year and importantly think about 2016 and beyond what their aim is! As my article explains, those that aim to thrive and have a dedicated plan (and resources) to do so are more likely to succeed than those that simply aim to survive. There are many reasons for this, but importantly it reflects on attitude.–online–journal/2015/11/06/smes-are-you-aiming-to-thrive-or-aiming-to-survive-key-challenges/

A recent “Plan to Win” conference I attended where individuals like Jack Cowin, Collette Dinnigan and Sean Garlick spoke about their working careers echoed many important lessons that SME owners face and indeed need to overcome to thrive.

SMEs get so busy being in the business, that they do not spend enough time on the business. With a little spare time over the upcoming Christmas / New Year break it represents the right time to consider how you will approach 2016 and importantly make sure that you THRIVE.

We conduct business health checks and assist in identifying areas for improvement. If you would like to discuss this aspect further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best.